The addition of a pergola to your North West Sydney home can help you create a functional, stylish outdoor entertaining space. Producing this outdoor extension comes with many material, design and shape options, and perfecting the right design to suit your home and family’s needs can be tricky. We have compiled our expert tips on how to design the ultimate pergola for your outdoor living needs, to help you develop your ideal entertaining area within your budget and space.

Tip #1: Decide what you want to achieve with the pergola

Before you begin the building process of your pergola, it’s essential to establish what you are hoping to achieve from the addition. For example, if you are looking to create a second living area, or looking to extend your existing lounge space into the outdoors, the design will need to be large enough to encompass this. Once you have decided how you want to incorporate the pergola into your home’s existing framework, it becomes easier to pick the size, shape and style of your ideal pergola.

Tip #2: Look at your home for inspiration

One of the toughest decisions you face in designing your pergola addition is how to integrate the design seamlessly with your existing façade. To accomplish synthesis, you’re best to choose colours, period styles and finishes that are already featured in your home, carrying the theme outside to your pergola’s features. These choices help you create the continuity between indoor and outdoor and ensure the pergola doesn’t look out of place against your existing building.

Tip #3: Consider complimentary materials

Like the design of your pergola needs to compliment your home, picking the materials in the same method will create design consistency. Through the pergola details, such as the balustrade or the wood of the decking, you can easily combine the timbres and glass features from your house design. Timeframes are also essential to have established when picking your materials, as your ideal materials may not be available in the time you desire, and you may find yourself needing back up options.

Tip #4: Create functionality

While your pergola is a stylish addition to your outdoor living space, it’s essential your new structure is functional and practical. Your pergola design could include stairs, so you can still access other parts of your garden, built-in seating, to create a covered comfort area, and privacy screens, to make it feel more like the indoors.

Are you looking to create a pergola to extend your outdoor area, or create a second living space at your North West Sydney home? Contact us today to discuss your design plans, and find out how we create the home of your dreams!