The building of your new outdoor living extension is complete, and you are looking at your beautifully renovated space wondering exactly what it needs.

No doubt you have been glancing through home interior design magazines or furniture catalogues, and the furnishing options seem overwhelmingly endless. In this article, we share with you our must-have essentials to enhance your new outdoor extension, and how to get the most of your space all year round.

An outdoor living fireplace

Through the beautiful North West Sydney, we can experience the highs and lows of mother nature all in one day. As Sydneysiders, we value the indoor/outdoor living experience, and a beautiful, central outdoor fireplace easily brings this style of living to reality.

Outdoor fireplaces are a sophisticated and practical addition; the fireplace helps transition the outdoor living area into an additional living space, providing heat so the outdoor furniture and design can be used during the colder months. This becomes the cornerstone of entertaining, with hosting parties and events made simple in the outdoor space all year round.

Waterproof furniture

Any outdoor living space isn’t complete without luxurious furniture to lounge on as you sip cocktails and watch your children play in the sunshine. However, as we mentioned before, Sydney weather isn’t paradisaical every day, and your new outdoor living space should be prepared.

When you are looking for couches, lounge chairs, banana lounges or pillows, ensure you are picking washable and waterproof coverings. While some outdoor furniture will survive the rain, some will require specific covers, and it is paramount that you know how to care for it before exposing it to the elements. Tables and chairs will also require some care, so for no-fuss options opt for rustproof materials.

A beautiful pergola

The ultimate addition to bringing the indoors outside is a modern, sleek pergola. With the options of colours, finishes, and functions abundant, you can easily find a style that suits your existing home and enhances your recent extension.

Pergolas help you control light and heat within your living space, as well as protect your new furniture and decking from rain, dirt, and pollution. While being extremely practical, a pergola is imperative in Sydney, with buyers and renovators preferring them over all other options.