Adding to your forever home, expanding the size of your house with a ground floor extension or a first-floor addition, is an exciting time, however, there are many considerations before you get started. What design style will suit your lifestyle best? What finishes compliment your existing home? There are many small details that bring your additions to life, and every choice impacts your final design.

However, when it comes to renovating your home, adding in your first floor, or expanding with a ground floor addition, there are three big decisions you need to make, simply to ensure you get every design choice you desire, and that the entire process goes smoothly.

Decide what you want from your renovation

Before you even begin picking wallpaper, choosing paint colours, or picking your new outdoor furniture, it’s essential to decide exactly what you want from your new renovation. While you know you need the extra room, there is far more to decide than just meterage and space. When you are planning your first or ground floor addition, ask yourself the following questions, and make sure your design reflects these considerations:

· How many additional rooms do you need? How much space are you looking to create?
· What type of rooms do you need? Are they bedrooms, living spaces or a combination of both?
· What help will you need for your renovation? Will you need plumbers? Will you need electricians?
· What time frame would you like your renovation complete by?
· What value are you looking to add to your home? Are you creating this addition to then sell in later years, or are you considering this to be in your family for generations?

Find a company you trust

With such a momentous and significant change to your home, it is important you have a builder and building team that you can rely on and trust with these changes. Depending on the size of the addition, you may have your builder in your home for the good part of a year, and just like any team project, you need to be able to work together on your dream home. Communication is just as important, as you will need to be able to convey your desires for the changes, and problems with any issues that arise.

Decide on a budget and stick to it

It doesn’t matter about any of the specifics of your first-floor addition, or the textiles for your ground floor extension if you don’t have the funds to finance it. Your budget is everything; what you can afford to spend on your renovations will decide everything else, so establish your budget before you begin, and ensure you stick to it.