How much does a home renovation cost? The reality is that it’s completely impossible to answer that question for every person’s circumstance because every renovation is entirely unique. However, what we can answer is where people are likely to spend more in their renovation budget, and where you can easily save money without changing your design or compromising quality.

In this article, we explore the realities of budgeting for a home renovation, discussing the areas of your additions where you are likely to feel the pinch in your budget, and the unknown ways to save money on large scale home renovations.

Wet areas cost more money

The most expensive parts of a home renovation are the wet areas; these areas include the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and parts of the outdoor living area. Why these areas cripple your budget is from the combination of expensive appliance costs, the numerous trades required to complete the renovation, such as plumbers, builders, tilers and electricians, and the scale of work needed to renovate these areas successfully.

Cheaper flooring alternatives

The budget for any new flooring doesn’t need to be as substantial as your wet areas, as it’s easy to find cheaper flooring alternatives that offer the same design as the expensive options. Carpeting is an extremely cost-effective solution, as carpet providers off a wide range of textures and colours in varying pricing ranges. Choosing industrial carpets for your home also offers you long term value for money, as the design of these carpets are for more extended wear through constant use.

Laminate flooring is also a wise alternative for renovators looking for hardwood floor lookalikes, but wanting to save the extra dollars. The value of this style choice is the comparable durability and style to the original version, with many homeowners preferring this material alternative.

Fixtures and fittings

While there is an incredibly diverse range of fixtures and fittings available, from luxury tap wear to the newest technology in automated toilets, there isn’t the need to buy more expensive alternatives. Depending on where you source your fittings from, you can wait for sale times and end of season clearances, or hunt for second-hand options online or through reseller businesses. Comparing prices online is essential, and some hardware stores are willing to offer price matching when asked.

DIY v Professionals: Where you think you are saving money

What isn’t worth slashing the budget on is your professional trades, choosing the DIY approach when you don’t have the skills, tools, materials or time available. Building a deck appears easy through online tutorials, for example, however without the skills to complete the work, you will find yourself spending more on a professional builder to fix the inevitable mistakes, or re-do a room’s renovation entirely.

No matter the size of the renovation of your Northwest Sydney home, whether it be the addition of a pergola, or an entire ground floor extension, we can help work with any budget! Contact us today to discuss your dream home!

Photo: Sydney by johncooke licensed under Creative commons 5