With the warmer months approaching and your infinite holiday events quickly looming, it’s time to start planning your home for all of summer’s special occasions and celebrations, where we transform our homes into the perfect party venue.

In this article, we take you through the essentials your outdoor living space needs to become the perfect second living space, ideal for outdoor entertaining, family functions and the only place you will want to spend every warm night.

A beautiful deck for outdoor living

As the perfect entertaining space, an inbuilt outdoor deck is an ideal extension to your indoor living space, creating a larger, open area to host in. This area is easily styled with outdoor furniture like a beautiful table, lounges, and furnishings such as cushions and rugs. When picking your perfect decking, we can advise you on the best timber and finishes to help you maintain your space easily, and create harmony with your existing style.

An all-purpose pergola

Essential for both summer and winter, a pergola is a necessity for an Australian home. This crucial structure provides shade during the heat of the day and from the elements during the wet weather and changing seasons. A pergola enhances the extended outdoor living experience, as well as providing an alluring structural feature in your garden.

Outdoor kitchen

It is easy to create the perfect entertaining space with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. With an abundance of options, including built-in barbecues and hot plates, outdoor fridges and sinks, you can have everything you need to entertain outside without neglecting your guests, or leaving your children unattended.

Cooking show stoppers

Following on from the outdoor kitchen concept, there are a couple of unique additions that perfectly compliment your new decking or pergola and provide memorable cooking options. Consider adding in a pizza oven, smoker or rotisserie to your outdoor living space, which will create an easy cooking experience and provide you with affordable luxury cuisine.

Outdoor speakers and lighting

With simple additions to your outdoor living space, you can inexpensively add ambience to your next event. Outdoor speakers, spotlights, and fairy and string lights are additions you can add temporarily to your space, or install permanently. With many options to suit any budget, these add-ons enhance your permanent structures, such as your outdoor decking, pergola, and kitchen.