When it comes to ground floor extensions that enable you to enjoy the outdoors, patios can be low-cost and low-maintenance as well as stylish. Just a few steps from the indoors and you can relax while soaking up the calming ambience, the sun and the best nature has to offer.

Low-cost, low-maintenance

Patios that are paved with ceramic, stone or brick tiles have a longer life than timber decks. There are lower costs and there’s also a lot less required in the ongoing maintenance department. There are plenty of options for choosing the design and materials, including at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, limestone, slate, and sandstone paving.

Foundation costs for patios and decks are the same but patios generally cost less to build. Slopes and drainage are two important factors to consider and are two of the reasons we advise the experience of professionals in creating an outdoor area that is both practical and pleasing.

Whichever of the designs and options you choose, you’re on the way to creating just the right environment for your alfresco living area.

Outdoor elegance, natural comfort

Even if you’re a sun lover, there are times when a cooling area of shade is just what you need. Once again, there are straightforward and economical ways to achieve just that.

Consider a design that builds around existing trees or one that incorporates the planting of tall plants and shrubbery. That way you provide shade as well as character and it certainly adds to your sense of coexisting with nature.

If vegetation isn’t the answer, then even easier is the more traditional outdoor table umbrella. Lattice sidings and coverings are another great idea and play a part in adding privacy.

Patios where you can entertain or just chill out

To complete your outdoor room, there’s a wide range of possibilities for your patio’s furniture. There are multi-functional tables in a variety of styles, and many of these also offer built-in coolers, planters, and even fire pits. For that sense of rustic charm, consider BBQs, water features, lanterns and a mix of succulent pot plants, creating an atmosphere that’s ideal either for entertaining or just chilling out in private.