The time has come to renovate your home; maybe you are adding a first-floor extension, perhaps you are extending your outdoor living space into the garden, or adding in a beautiful pergola or patio.

Someone mentions to you how easy your new renovation can be if you simply do it yourself. Not only will you save money, but the satisfaction of completing the job alone will bring you years of contentment. Or will it?
While a DIY renovation may seem like a good idea, there are many reasons why you will regret your decision very quickly!

Can you really do everything yourself?

Well, simply put, there will always be parts of a home renovation that will be outside of your skillset. Unless you are a qualified plumber, plasterer, tiler, painter, labourer, landscape gardener, the list goes on, you will struggle to complete every aspect of a home renovation.

Essentially, the bigger the level of renovation, the more skills and labour is required, and the more likely you don’t possess the required knowledge.
Can you fix the mistakes?

There are always issues, that occur during a renovation, that are unpredictable, that even a professional tradesman would struggle to evaluate and resolve. Without the skill set and years of experience, fixing unforeseen mistakes may be your downfall.  

Budget blowouts

Though we mentioned earlier how a DIY renovation may seem like a cost-saving measure, don’t underestimate how quickly the cost can add up when you are working alone. From simple mistakes like buying the wrong part or tool for a job to having to pay for mistakes to be cleaned up that you can’t fix, a DIY renovation can drain the bank account faster than you think!

Do you know the order of completion?

When it comes to renovation, demolition or simple alterations and additions to your home, everything has an order in which it can be done. Once again, without that knowledge and experience, you are bound to make a mistake in the order of completion, possibly a mistake that will cost you immensely to resolve.  

Is your renovation meeting code?

Registered trades and building contractors know what each type of renovation needs to pass industry-standard building codes, so your home can be deemed safe to live in and able to be sold successfully in the future. With a DIY renovation, you run the extreme risk of building unsafe structures, and homes that won’t stand the test of time.