Like many homeowners, there comes a time when you realise your forever home is desperately in need of more space; additional bedrooms, the much needed second living space and more room for your growing family. Luckily, you can renovate your current home, but now you are faced with the ultimate choice: to go up or to go out?

In this article, we help you discover which type of renovation is best for you; does your home need a ground floor extension, or are you best with a first-floor addition? Let’s find out!

Do you want to keep your backyard?

The outdoor living space is a must for most families, especially for those who have built-in pergolas, pools and created a second living space with their outdoor patio. A ground floor extension would compromise this space, as you would need to sacrifice valuable outdoor garden and design to fit the extension.

Do you have the room to go out?

Sacrificing your outdoor living space may not be your issue, purely because you have never had the outdoor space to begin with. If your block of land is narrow and short, and you physically cannot add on to your existing home on the ground floor, a first-floor addition would better suit you.

Are the addition of stairs realistic for you?

Any first-floor addition would require stairs, and your home might not be equipped for a lift as an alternative. For people with small children or anyone with mobility issues, a ground floor extension would far more practical, and won’t compromise your lifestyle.

Do you want the views?

Easily the most appealing aspect of a first-floor extension is the opportunity to capitalise on the beautiful views one or two stories up. With this addition, you are able to let in more natural sunlight by using the unobstructed views to your advantage, transforming your first-floor addition into your new living space with a brighter feeling.  

Do you want an easy renovation?

While any renovation isn’t a walk in the park, a ground floor extension is far easier to have approved by your local council and regulatory bodies than a first-floor extension. However, in terms of the amount of work involved in both styles of renovation, either a ground floor or first-floor addition has equally the same amount of challenges, and rewards, as one another.