Expanding your outdoor living area to include your new pergola, a beautiful, functional deck or a complete overhaul of the garden to create a second living space, can be a very exciting time. Exploring all of the design options have you frothing to get started, and it can be very tempting to begin the process without really understanding what is about to happen to your home.

In this article, we explore the four essential things you should know before your outdoor living renovation begins, so you can accurately understand the impact the changes will have on your lifestyle, finances, and ability to manage your home.

Bumps in the road are inevitable

While most building experts will try their best to present a transparent timeline of what your renovation will look like, there will be hiccups that can’t be predicted, no matter what information we have available to us prior to commencement. Anything from weather disruptions, issues surrounding your specific outdoor living area, and changes to the plan can cause unpredictable bumps along the way.

Form a relationship with your builder

Whether you are putting in a pergola or completely renovating your entire outdoor living space, your builder is the most important person in the team, as they will lead the project and be in constant contact with you about the progress of the build. The trust between client and builder is key, and the quicker you can form this clear communication, the better the entire process will be for you.

Your budget is everything

Every time you want to modify your outdoor living design or change the materials of the build, your budget will be affected. Any little change you decide to make will always affect your budget, both positively and negatively, so its essential you allow a sundry for the unexpected hiccups we mentioned earlier, and you are prepared that your budget may not accommodate for every change you wish to make.

Your home will be temporarily interrupted

Depending on the severity of the additions and renovations you are making on your outdoor living space, the cleanliness and organisation of your home will be temporarily interrupted during this time. To achieve certain aspects of the build, parts of your home and garden may be blocked off, denying you access to areas of the home. We highly recommend picking a time in your life when you are less likely to need your outdoor living space, and your home life is less chaotic.